Ball Insert Bearings

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Looking for Insert Bearings? You've come to the right place! We have several different shapes and sizes for whatever the job may be.

Due to our large warehouse inventory, we almost always have what you're looking for, in stock. Our friendly experts are readily available to help get what you need. And with a massive selection to work with, finding Insert Bearings, or numerous other types of bearings, housings, couplings, shafts, oil seals or rod ends are all here in one place. And with so much more to offer, it just makes sense to shop in one place for everything you need.

Insert Bearings are a type of radial ball bearing designed for simplified installation and assembly. Unlike traditional radial ball bearings, which are pressed into their assemblies, Insert Bearings can be slip fit directly onto their shafts.

By design, Insert Bearings feature an extended inner ring that provides additional shaft support. Instead of utilizing shoulders or adapters on the shaft, Insert Bearings are fixed into position with locking collars or setscrews. These advantages make Insert Bearings a great solution for simple replacements and improved assembly efficiencies.

Sealmaster ERX-208TM-XLO Ball Insert Bearings

2.06 mm -20 °C
120 °C 1.9 mm

Sealmaster PN-20T Ball Insert Bearings

19mm 5.5 Nm
62 mm -20 °C

Sealmaster ERX-16THI Ball Insert Bearings

3.25 340 mm
2.5 mm 3

Sealmaster ERX-24 RL Ball Insert Bearings

50.8 mm 36 mm
10 mm -20 °C

Sealmaster ERX-PN19 Ball Insert Bearings

Available 9 Days or more
3 Stainless Steel

Sealmaster ERX-205TM XLO Ball Insert Bearings

20 ~ 40 Deep Groove Ball Bea
Bearings with Housin 12

Sealmaster PN-24T Ball Insert Bearings

SCOE211-55 219 mm
68.6 mm 86 mm

Sealmaster ER-206C Ball Insert Bearings

No No
Cast Iron J7

Sealmaster PN-20R Ball Insert Bearings

270 mm 0 mm
4,200 Volume_cmc 70 mm

Sealmaster PN-16-T Ball Insert Bearings

54.2 mm 54.2 mm
16 mm 15.3

Sealmaster ER-55C Ball Insert Bearings

Positive Tolerance 7 Days or more
2 ~ 100 17